Impossible Quiz 5 – An overview and important tips for hacking this fifth question

Impossible Quiz 5 is a must-have for anyone who loves this interesting yet challenging series. It is a maze question that requires skill and intelligence. This game will undoubtedly give you tons of experience since it has a set of questions with variable difficulty levels.

The instructions applicable to the game:

Impossible quiz 5

As a player, you have to move the cursor to a red dot on the screen to bring forth a message instructing you not to touch blue. There is also one sad face and another happy one coupled with arrows indicating the goal and start buttons. A player should then move the mouse over a second red dot while being careful not to touch the blue section of the screen.

Crossing over to the red dot with the cursor not touching the blue sections is quite a challenging task. However, a major useful tip is moving the cursor away from the screen because the screen boundary is connected via free space. You also need to move around the maze to gain entry to space with a second dot joined to the screen’s edge. You should then move on by clicking the dot.

Another alternative way of getting through the maze is clicking and holding the left button of your mouse and then letting the cursor move to the target side without releasing the button. Once you are on the target side, release the button. The maze can also be navigated through by right-clicking your mouse followed by the movement of your cursor to the right side. To close the opened menu, click twice on the left mouse button and move on by pressing the red button.

Quest 130
Controls of the game:

The mouse is one of the controls of the Impossible Quiz 5. By clicking on its button, you can move the cursor to the target side of the game. The keyboard can also be used as the control by simply pressing specific key combinations. For instance, moving to the maze can be achieved by pressing the control, shift and numerical four keys.
This popular quiz game is certainly addictive and engaging.

Happy Wheels: Fun with blood and Physics.

Happy Wheels is a flash-game developed by Jim Bonacci which was released in 2010. Jim was apparently not happy with the state of flash games on the web and so decided to take things into his own hands. The result? A slick game with clean graphics that obeys all laws of physics and interestingly enough, there is more than a touch of dark humour in happy wheels. Fair warning though, it is not for the faint of heart, because every misstep, every bad decision is punished with extreme violence: Squishing brains, torn limbs and fountains of squirting blood are the game’s greatest attractions!


How to play?

The game involves completing levels on a vehicle. The vehicles, with varying number of wheels, and the characters on them ride through an obstacle course filled with challenges and have to reach the finish line or trigger an event which ends the level.


The game begins with four characters that you can choose from with the option of unlocking more as you play. What sets this game apart is the detailing in the characters. They range from a wheelchair guy to an extremely irresponsible father shown cheekily by a poorly cared for child riding with the father, and the best part of it all? Different characters react differently to the challenges in the level. Their violent deaths are also different – another example of the dark humour in Happy wheels!

happy wheels


1. The arrow keys control the movement of the vehicle/character

2. Z ejects from the vehicle

3. Primary action Z and Shift, and Control are allotted for secondary actions.

So, go ahead and try the game. If you are a science enthusiast who doesn’t mind a little gore and is fond of puzzles that tickle your mind, Happy Wheels with all its dark humour, violence and innovative ways of dying might just give you one of the most enjoyable rides of your life.

Super Smash Flash 2 characters

Super Smash Flash 2 – All your childhood characters! written by: clockwork_human Super Smash Flash 2 (SSF2) is a online flash fighting game in witch you can choose to play with some of your favorite characters from other games and anime series. In this -magnificent- article, I will help you with all your doubts about the game! SSF2 can be played in two modes: single-player or multiplayer. That being said, let’s go to the controls! – PLAYER ONE: A (Left), S (down), D (right) and W (up) are the controls for movement; O (special attacks and movements), P (common attacks) and I (shield); 1 (taunt). – PLAYER TWO: Arrow keys control movement; Numpad 1 (special attacks and movements), Numpad 2 (common attacks) and Numpad 3 (shield); Numpad 4 (taunt). – TIME MODE: In this mode, every fight will happen in a certain limit of time. The points are scored for KO’s – if you hit one KO you will win one point, and if you get hit… – and at the end of the time the player with more points win. In case of a tie, there will be another round. – STOCK MODE: In this mode, both players have a certain amount of lives, and the loser will be the one that lost all of them first. You will lose a life every time you get hit with a KO or self-destruct.


Here is a list with the 32 known characters and their original games:BLEACH: Ichigo;
BOMBERMAN: Bomberman;
CHIBI-ROBO!: Chibi-Robo;
DONKEY KONG: Donkey Kong;
F-ZERO: Captain Falcon;
GAME & WATCH: Mr. Game & Watch;
KIRBY: Kirby and Meta Knight;
MARIO: Mario, Luigi, Peach and Bowser;MEGA MAN: Mega Man;
METROID: Samus and Zero Suit Samus;
NARUTO: Naruto;
POKÉMON: Pikachu and Jigglypuff;
SONIC: Sonic and Tails;
TALES: Lloyd;
THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: Link, Zelda and Sheik;
WARIO: Wario;
YOSHI: Yoshi.

A review of Return Man 2 – Mud Bowl

A review of Return Man 2 – Mud BowlReady! Set! Hut! We now have a spin off to Return Man! Coming back as Return Man 2 – Mud Bowl. This time it’s even muddier than ever. Play a football star, catch the football and return it to the end-zone for a winning touchdown! Well, what can we say? Have fun and do not get too dirty!


Imagine this, Return Man 2 – Mud Bowl is on a tie of 21-21 and has then been thrown to overtime. Your opposing team is just about to kick that ball. Your task is to catch the ball within that yellow circle and then run it downfield to the end-zone without receiving a tackle. But you have to watch out for the huge mud puddles. These will slow your pace! Within the play, you will find items that look like lightning bolts or stars. Try collecting these! These lightning bolts will boost your speed briefly while stars will give additional points to the final scores! Obtain high scores to get your name onto the Leaderboards! On those slippery snowfields, when you must try to stop running, ensure you do account for your slipping. Try timing your stopping-times appropriately and hence still stop just within those yellow circle and not too far ahead of the circle or too far. Keep your eyes on the number of times you fail particular levels. Each time you receive a tackle, you will lose possession. If you lose four possessions, you’ll ultimately lose that game and then have to begin the level all over. Do not worry though, the stage progress is saved – so it isn’t a complete loss.


Player controls in Return Man 2 – Mud Bowl are quite unusual when compared to other flash games. Why so? Instead of playing with the W, D, S, A keys in directing the character to the directions you wish for him to head to, you will use the L, K, J, I buttons. Additionally, you could also press your spacebar if you wish to continue your game, and then press the M key when muting the sound effect. Once you complete a certain level in completing future levels and stages.

A – Spin.

S – Speed Burst.

D – Front Flip.

gameStages and Levels.

There are stages in Return Man 2 – Mud Bowl and every stage has different number of levels that you have to complete to unlock the next stages. As with every stage progression does get harder, every level progression does get harder as well! You might find your football heroes sliding and slipping across the field like ice skaters in certain stages, but rushing onto the end-zone while dodging the mud puddles and opposing the team players in others. Also you can play Return man 6 WIDEOUT at .

Dying Light Review

Dying Light is a first person survival video game based in a zombie infested city called Harran. The game was developed by Techland and released in January 2015 for PC, Xbox One and Play Station 4. While playing in an open world environment your goal is to infiltrate the city and find a rogue agent that has a file that could destroy your agency.

Dying Light ReviewControls
I will cover PC default control settings and you can set up your Xbox and PS controller settings as you wish. You can move freely around town using keyboard for controlling your movement – W – forward, A – left, S – backward, D – right. Other movement options include: sprint – shift, jump – space and crouch – C. To use and object press F, and press Q to use your zombie locating Survivor sense. You attack by left mouse button and aim by right mouse button, use E to kick a zombie grabbing your leg, B to look back and Alt to grapple. To reach for your flashlight press T and use H to heal; you can toggle between weapons using the mouse wheel. It is also interesting that there are other flash zombie games which are very popular, for example – BOXHEAD 2: Fun retro zombie carnage!

Dying Light is very movement based game as you have many options to overcome obstacles so you will feel like a parkour runner most of the time. The fight is very melee based and the amazing part is that you can combine it with your free running to create a variety of kill moves. There are few firearms available late in the game but the ammo is very limited so you will use them only sparsely. You can find over a hundred of different melee weapons but the fun lies in making your own weapons from the materials you pick up as you have over a thousand possible combinations. The weapons will break often making you constantly look for materials to make new, innovative weapons.

You will have to make choices between following your mission or helping the struggling survivors; these decisions actually matter because they will affect things that happen down the road, such as not being able to get to the air drop on time because you saved a little girl from zombies. Your mission control will spur you on to continue mission but your human nature might lead you to help others. The game shaping feature is the day-night cycle as it will greatly affect the abilities of your enemies and weight heavily on your playing strategy. During the night zombies gain abilities to sprint, inflict more damage, jump and even climb buildings thus making you become pray at nighttime.

Overall, Dying Light is an intoxicating horror game that brings some innovations to the world of gaming and will provide you with many great hours of gameplay.